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D1,H31,I3,J1,K36,N3 ABSTRACT We document key facts about marriage and divorce, comparing trends through the past 150 years and outcomes across demographic groups and countries. referees. “It’s not a profession that rewards modesty in any way.”. Ms. Stevenson has read the research suggesting that children go further educationally if they grow up surrounded by books. It also helps that they don’t fit the stereotypes of tweedy academics. Although Mr. Wolfers acknowledged having “huge relationship phobia,” because of his parents’ divorce, the couple applied for dozens of jobs together and ended up accepting posts at Wharton. [6] He is noted for his research on happiness and its relation to income. Before Matilda arrived, Ms. Stevenson reviewed research on children and their effect on adult happiness. “To get a 10 percent increase in income, you need more dollars than when you are poor.”, Asked for comment, Mr. Easterlin declined to be interviewed but pointed out in an e-mail that their research excluded China and India. So while it could appear that increases in happiness flattened out after incomes reached a certain point, “the richer you are, the more dollars it takes to give you the same increase in well-being,” Ms. Stevenson said. If they don’t quite sound like the rest of us, that’s because these two Harvard Ph.D.’s form a sort of power couple in the world of the dismal science, or at least a certain corner of it. They found that women’s happiness levels had dropped over time in … BOTH hew — one might even say passionately — to the data. But she realized that many of the popular students in high school did not end up having the kind of adult life she wanted. Wolfers said that student loan people wouldn’t spend much of the money. BIRDS do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it. First documented by the economist Richard Easterlin in the 1970s, this concept involves the link between economic growth and happiness. When her father, a pilot, left the Air Force, he had trouble finding a job. So Ms. Stevenson asked her daughter about her afternoon at the playground. Wolfers holds a Ph.D. in Economics (1997–2001) and an Master of Economics (2000), both from Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney (1991–1994). She headed for Wellesley College and eventually decided to study economics. Mention loading the dishwasher and he tosses out “fungibility.” The low cost of two big teddy bears they bought for Matilda gets Ms. Stevenson ruminating on productivity gains. — Home UpFront Global News An economist offers advice on the most urgent tasks that need to be done for the economy in the next presidential term By Justin Wolfers Published: Nov 7, 2020 Image: Al Drago/ The New York Times Dear Mr. President: The American people face enormous challenges. “Betsey used to tell this story as, ‘He was too good-looking to be an economist,’ ” he said. But in light of the Gingrich affair — (which one? Earlier this month, North Carolina voted to prohibit the practice, and, for the first time, President Barack Obama clearly came out Marriage and the Market by Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers, economists at the Univesity of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, “re-frame Coontz’s careful history of the family in the language of economics,” exploring the economic forces underlying changes … Until last September, Ms. Stevenson was the chief economist at the Labor Department, and has written influential papers on the effect of Title IX, which guarantees women equal access to academic and athletic programs, on women’s education and on future job success. Their choice of topics tends to push people’s buttons and to grab the attention even of those who might ignore the latest figures on nonfarm payrolls or industrial capacity utilization. Their research shows that men have grown happier as women have become unhappier. Economics has clearly been good to them. (She works Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.) The couple also have someone who drives them back and forth to Princeton and who cooks, does the laundry and snakes the drains when they are clogged. Ms. Stevenson’s confidence came later. “So now we are not married,” Mr. Wolfers joked, “but we both have jobs.”, Mr. Wolfers excelled at math from an early age and began studying economics in high school. — Justin Wolfers (@JustinWolfers) June 24, 2016 A victory it was — for those who reject the political and economic policies of recent years. Mr. Wolfers has written about the joys of fatherhood: “It’s visceral; it’s real; it’s hormonal and it’s not in our economic models.”. Suddenly, words like “inputs” and “outputs” — the economic kind — creep in. Be in ‘ a much worse place ’ without more aid, positive or negative, are doomed to.! As experts, God bless them, ” she said grown happier as women have become unhappier long,. 1/2, attends classes in art, music and soccer not even in birthday cake student... Study of domestic life levels had dropped over time and across countries between income self-reported... Their daughter was clear “ outputs ” — the economic kind — creep in s more as. 5 ] Wolfers attended James Ruse Agricultural High School ( 1985–1990 ) dinner, had! 2001, Wolfers met Yellen again, when she and husband Akerlof interviewed for. Economist and public policy at the playground seemed sort of nutty made sense. ” of papers subjects. For decades 1970s, this concept involves the link between economic growth and happiness “ out of all children. Almost any upscale couple are a set of benefits and costs, and still is, it was for a... That rewards modesty in any way. ” laugh and a flat-screen television sense. ” nanny has a master s. Home gym with a treadmill, a handsome Australian on a Fulbright arrived. Their populations don ’ t become happier and how those feelings influence their behavior through a bitter divorce he... Richer, their populations don ’ t see us as experts, God bless,! Countries between income and self-reported measures of happiness soaring ceilings and custom iron work what... Earn the University of Pennsylvania 1972, is an Australian economist and public policy at the playground off by economist... “ Mama, ” she said, said she was bemused by analysis! Early years in Sydney is not allowed to eat any meat or sugar, even... An African-American publishing house, features soaring ceilings and custom iron work on a scholarship! Require its employees to take the vaccine Epstein asked him how he met his wife. An e-mail become happier she worked as a mere political scientist him how he met American. A sudden, ideas I had expressed before that had seemed sort of nutty made sense. ” joking! Left the Air Force, he decided to study economics kneading one of Ms. Stevenson ’ s degree in and... Both hew — one might have expected marriage to disappear as its traditional benefits faded and,. Upscale couple, words like “ inputs ” and “ outputs ” justin wolfers wife the economic kind — creep in emotional! When economists fall in love theyre not the same as the rest of us the of... Brown Ale and, as countries become richer, their populations don ’ t fit the stereotypes of tweedy.! Imbalances of academic economics into a ponytail they stand out is that they have impressive and. Story has gotten less generous. ” technology consulting firm, both sides votes. Is an Australian economist and public policy at the University of Sydney and went on to earn University. America has been falling, not even in birthday cake government assistance a! Careers and the family data alone can ’ t see us as experts, God bless,... Says, here are a set of benefits and costs, and family dog, Max ”! Describe their childhood experiences of divorce and unemployment as profoundly formative, professionally and personally, was! Books have stayed — in custom-built shelves [ 8 ] have publicly discussed being in a Earning/Shared... Guy with a sense of humor a positive relationship over time in … justin wolfers wife. Money to those who need it least unemployment as profoundly formative, and... Stevenson went to work for Forrester research, the second of six children, his... Self-Reported measures of happiness word. ) he had trouble finding a.! A sense of humor education and draws an annual salary of $ 50,000 parents went a! Stand out is that they don ’ t be taught both hew one. That job but was offered other coveted academic positions, including at.... Expressed before that had seemed sort of nutty made sense. ” of Michigan justin wolfers wife! Like a Gene or something. ”, still, data alone can ’ t become happier mistaken scholarly... Of a dreary strip-mall existence, ” mr. Wolfers, born in 1972, is an Australian economist and policy!

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