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best exfoliator for men

Men with oily skin who want a solid all-around scrub. With our day to day activities, your skin gets exposed to so much dirt and bacteria which in turn can prove to be a problem if not taken care of. This men’s facial exfoliator is an award winner (Men’s Health, Esquire, and GQ magazines) for a reason. Scrubbing too vigorously will irritate the skin and remove too much of its natural oils. The folks at M3 Naturals combine charcoal with dead sea salts to produce a powerful cleanser for your skin. While exfoliating can prevent breakouts, it is also possible to cause breakouts if you exfoliate too much or too aggressively. Exfoliation is excellent for you dry-skinned gents who often have an over-abundance of flaking dead skin cells. Scrubs are the most commonly used type of exfoliation. They typically have a gritty texture, ranging from mild to rough. The Nivea Men Deep Rock Salts Body Wash is a good example of this trend as it is a high-quality exfoliating scrub that is equally made from premium grade natural ingredients. Yes, it is possible to exfoliate too much. Pumice represents a harsher form of physical exfoliation but, like jojoba beads, is produced naturally. Yes, you can. Last but not least, we only choose those that we think are the most solid options; the products that we believe you’ll most benefit from. Many users rave about Jack Black’s Face Buff Energizing Scrub’s scent. However, there are scrubs available that are gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive types of skin, including those that use enzymes to exfoliate. Using a good natural exfoliator for men allows your skin to absorb nutrients which increases blood circulation – giving your face a radiant, healthy glow. Best Face Wash - Our Men's Face Wash deeply cleanses dirt, eliminates oil and helps moisturize skin. But facial scrubs and other cleansers can slow aging’s obvious signs by refining skin tone and reducing fine lines such as wrinkles. Bio-degradable and environmentally-friendly scrubbing beads, Free from parabens and artificial fragrances. Tiege Hanley’s Facial Exfoliating Scrub (Skin Care System Level 1), The 5 Best Toners for Men Reviewed (All Skin Types), 6 Best Electric Razors for Sensitive Skin You’ll Love, 11 Best Men’s Dress Shirts You Will Absolutely LOVE Wearing, 6 Best Floss Picks That Clean Teeth Quickly & Effectively, 15 Best Men’s Hair Products for Thin Hair That Work Great, 10 Best Belts for Men That’ll Complement Your Style Well, 13 Best Beard Oils & Conditioners Worthy of Your Beard, How to Straighten Your Beard at Home in 3 Easy Steps. Start with a gentle product and build it up over time to avoid irritating your skin and causing inflammation. Imagine that? Viking Revolution Face Scrub. Click here to grab Baxter of California's Facial Scrub It uses cornmeal and walnut shell powder, to gently buff away dead cells and other impurities from the skin’s surface, promoting new cell growth and helping prevent in-grown hairs. Here are some tips for choosing an exfoliator that’s ideal for your skin. Whilst you might think you look ruggedly handsome, you want your skin to be soft and smooth. So it’s a win-win! This is like giving your complexion a detox and not only will it work to tone and tighten your skin, it will also minimise the appearance of pores and support your anti-aging goals by working to reduce wrinkles too. So it’s worth taking into account the strength of the exfoliator you are about to buy. The Best Exfoliator For Men; 1Brickell Men’s Renewing Exfoliating Facial Scrub; 2NIVEA Men DEEP Rock Salts Body Wash – Exfoliating Deep Clean; 3Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Exfoliator For Men; 4MARLOWE. Instead, facelifts and laser treatments performed by dermatologic surgeons are better options. The product also contains olive extracts that form a barrier to protect the skin from harsh temperatures whilst also locking in moisture. Domen—a self-confessed facial hair addict—is a grooming professional, style enthusiast, and someone with deep personal experience and knowledge about male pattern baldness. As our understanding of skincare advances, the quality of exfoliators on the market are also on the rise. Yes. Easy does it lads when it comes to using your face scrub. The scrub will smooth your skin and lift and softens facial hairs to make for a smoother shave. 3 / 0. Meanwhile, there’s yet another level: face exfoliators, a.k.a. Sign up to enter the monthly GIVEAWAY for the new Revita.CBD Shampoo by DS Labs and get more content like this! And it is intense, to some degree, but that doesn’t mean it has to be harsh on the skin. Remember, if you have oily skin, you want to use a facial scrub that prevents clogging and breakouts but also balances the skin by reducing oil production. It’s these ingredients that give your exfoliator its gritty sand like texture. Keep in mind that while exfoliating helps in the sloughing of dead skin cells, it can also irritate the current living cells in the process. Exfoliating can be done in the morning or the night; however, at night is usually better. What’s more, for the eco-friendly men out there—what you DON’T want are products that contain microbeads made of polyethylene plastic. The ZELEN Life Exfoliator offers the best of both worlds: a facial scrub that thoroughly removes dead skin cells without irritating the skin. Talking of which, if you’re not already familiar with it, check out the campaign for beat the micro bead HERE. 7. Charcoal – that stuff you light on fire and cook meat over – is ascending on the list of favorite grooming product ingredients. The warm water opens up the pores and makes it easier for your scrub to penetrate deeply. ZELEN Life is a venture that I am partly involved in. It also makes it a great value for its price. Exfoliation goes beyond regular face cleansing to remove dead skin cells, unclog skin pores while removing dirt and grime to give your face a more polished look. If you are noticing your skin is showing signs of inflammation and redness, then it is possible you are exfoliating too often, or the product you are using is too harsh for your skin type. Brickell Men’s Renewing Exfoliating Facial Scrub. 8. Even better, it consists of all-natural ingredients and doesn’t include parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, or synthetic colors and fragrances. You don’t need to use a facial scrub every day. PureScience provides an excellent foundation for Jack Black’s Face Buff Energizing Scrub, which meets the standards of best men’s face scrub 2020 in many ways: Jack Black’s Face Buff Energizing Scrub is a great all-around product that’s good for men with most skin types, including sensitive skin. Price is always a consideration, and we strive to list products that fit every budget. Some sources say the best time to exfoliate is in the morning, in order to slough off the dead skin cells that accrue overnight. On the other hand, if you are not experiencing any adverse reactions, but you are also not seeing any positive results after 6-8 weeks, it is possible that you are not using a strong enough exfoliator for your skin type. This wash is known for its deep cleansing properties to remove blackheads, face spots and ingrown hairs. We’ve covered facial scrubs in detail up to this point. Salicylic acid is an ingredient to look for if you have oily skin because it’s a deep-cleaning agent that also addresses existing skin blemishes. Here’s my top 10! that uses jojoba beads and pumice to … Rugged & Dapper addresses the issue of sensitive skin with a long list of natural ingredients that rid the skin of stubborn dirt and deeply exfoliate pores without the harshness of other products. Brickell Men’s Renewing Face. Overall, it comes with a convenient pump and a simply-designed bottle. Its gentle yet powerful action helps control breakouts. Typically, you should use your exfoliator one to two times a week, or a bit more if you have normal skin. This is because the process of exfoliating opens up your pores, and they remain open for a short time afterward. A completely natural and organic, Mediterranean-inspired skincare range. All told, Rugged & Dapper provides a multitude of benefits for your skin as it acts as a revitalizing face wash and an exfoliator that removes dirt, excess oil, and grime without stripping your skin of moisture. You can wave goodbye to breakouts and say hello instead to healthy balanced skin. Exfoliating is important guys. BUY IT HERE. Peels are useful for people with excessively blemished skin and remove dead skin cells, blackheads, unwanted facial hair, and improve your skin’s color and texture. This is a gentle exfoliator (very important when exfoliating!) You probably never considered that simple everyday tasks like brushing your teeth and washing your face could be harmful to our oceans. Exfoliating Tea Face Scrub. However, exfoliating in the morning can have its benefits, such as giving you a fresher, brighter appearance for the day ahead. The sugar powder is fine enough to roll over the skin in a gentler sloughing action and not cause microtears, which helps to prevent breakouts. Now they are made to moisturize and repair at the same time, such as the ones we have featured in this guide. In fact, many men swear by men’s exfoliating soap and exfoliating brushes. It is rich in beta carotene, which your body converts to vitamin A and helps reduce the fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging. We’re all aware of the damage that large plastics can cause but many products contain plastic micro beads that still end up in the sea and back into our food chain so choose your exfoliator wisely and make sure you are conscious about which ingredients can potentially cause harm and avoid them wherever possible. If your skin is more on the sensitive side, then once a week is enough. 1. Rugged & Dapper’s Facial Cleanser for Men is strong enough to rid your skin of dirt and grime, but gentle enough even for men with sensitive skin. An alternative to a manual exfoliator is using a chemical exfoliator. At-home chemical peels are less intensive than peels administered by a skin health professional – which are used to treat issues like severe acne and melasma (in which dark, brownish patches are visible on the skin). Sunflower, meanwhile, is fast-absorbing, trapping moisture inside skin cells while extending the hydration skin needs to thrive. Scrubs clean and remove excess dirt, oil, and grime that a daily cleanser doesn’t remove. Your facial pores get clogged from the dirt and excess oils clogging them. Then, follow up with a hydrating daily facial cream or lighter style lotion to get plenty of essential moisture back into the surface of your skin. You’ll often see the “PureScience” label with Jack Black’s men’s skincare products, and it’s a label that has plenty of positive connotations, i.e., natural and organic ingredients with no parabens, colorants, or fragrances, as well as dermatologist approval. It’s got a little sting in its tail too with the addition of invigorating menthol and Vitamin C so that it really wakes up your skin to clear away congestion and get rid of deep down oil and dirt. Chemicals seem to be in everything these days. Exfoliation is an essential part of a man’s grooming and can often get overlooked. Avoid water from entering the container, and if it is a jar, consider using a spatula instead of your fingers. Choosing your Best exfoliator for bald head. VITAMAN’s Natural Face Scrub with Bamboo Powder – $26 Not only are they a pollutant, but fish and other marine life consumed vast amounts of microbeads over the years. The M3 Naturals Activated Charcoal Scrub draws impurities, dead skin cells, and excess oils from the skin to make it smoother and rejuvenated. Whilst you might still want to retain your devilishly rugged charms, you want your skin smooth, just like your moves! The similarity to sebum also makes jojoba oil an excellent non-greasy moisturizer for those with dry skin. It doesn’t hold any punches and will attack grime, dirt, oil and clogged pores to ensure that you have smooth, moisturized skin ready for a razor sharp deep shave. For example, your arms and legs are less delicate and able to withstand more aggressive products. For more must-have skincare products, check out our selection of the best blackhead remover vacuums. However, be wary that this increases the chances of causing skin irritations. Usually you are best applying to a wet face and rubbing in gentle circular motions, giving yourself an energizing facial massage as you go to really help stimulate the lymphatic flow and drainage as well as exfoliating your skin as you go. It also cleanses the skin deeply to remove dirt, oil, and impurities while soothing and smoothing the skin at the same time to reveal a fresh complexion. Also, during the process, your skin may lose some water from the surface. STEP 2: You’ll only need to use a small amount of scrub with each application. With all the everyday pollutants your skin gets regularly exposed to, especially if you are a man who loves adventure in the great outdoors, then this is a great exfoliating product for you. That’s great, but the fact remains that the act of exfoliation is harsh on the skin. Dr. Newsom suggests that sensitive-skin types use this creamy exfoliator, which features grape pulp extract, beeswax, and corn beads that gently remove dead skin cells without irritation. There’s nothing wrong with admitting you’re a little bit on the sensitive side and so is your skin too! Likewise, finer grains are ideal if you don’t shave regularly, like most men with a full beard. Clay masks draw oil and dirt to the surface of the skin and also tighten it. 7 Easy Methods to Make Your Beard Softer Than a Feather, How Long it Takes to Grow a Beard & How to Speed it Up, Contains small scrubbing beads that are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Our recommendations include: Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub and Kyoku For Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub for quality options for the face. A chemical peel consists of a watery, gel-like solution that’s designed to strip away the top layer of your skin to reveal a fresh new layer beneath it. No doubt, the Marlowe Men Face Scrub is great for all skin types and is free from harsh chemicals and ingredients. Best For Men: Bevel Exfoliating Toner Buy on Amazon Buy on Walmart We know, we know — your guy can use your exfoliator and be just fine, but since he won't, try introducing him to this non-abrasive exfoliating toner. Lakme Clean-up Clear Pores Face Scrub This is a very good scrub for men with oily skin. Your skin will look brighter and feel tighter without sagginess. Just keeping a few key products on hand will help take it from zero to expert. Scrubs dig deeply enough to lift ingrown hairs and make them easier to shave. Plus, we are not all skincare experts who know exactly what is harmful and what is beneficial. If you fall into the Normal Skin category, feel free to choose exfoliators that contain more than one exfoliating agent. There’s so much more to men’s grooming than there was even a decade ago. There are other reasons to use an exfoliator besides clearing away dead skin cells – which we’ll touch on in a bit – but first, let’s take a look at how to use a facial scrub, as well as how often. Though there are synthetic ingredients (and these produce drastic results), we recommend sticking to natural ingredients, including sugar, oats, coffee, cornmeal, pumice, and walnut shell powder. The Best Exfoliator; 1 M3 Naturals Activated Charcoal Face Exfoliator ; 2 Brickell Renewing Face Exfoliator ; 3 Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliator Face Wash ; 4 Men’s Daily Face Exfoliator, by Rugged & Dapper ; 5 Paula’s Choice Acid Exfoliator ; 6 Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator ; 7 Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Exfoliator STEP 5: After applying your exfoliator, rinse it off with warm water and then follow with cold water to shrink pores and prevent excess oils and impurities from going back into them. Masks may also tighten, tone, hydrate, nourish, and rejuvenate skin. Exfoliators come with a host of added extras that will do anything from toning to tightening, brightening to blitzing those zits. After all, charcoal – also referred to as “activated” charcoal for marketing purposes – has a porous structure that naturally draws out dirt, oil, and stains from the skin, while also attracting water to provide superior hydration. Keep in mind: the larger the grain, the higher the chance that it will irritate your skin. For the body, try Green Bay for Men Body Scrub . Revita.CBD is an antioxidant-rich, hair-stimulating, CBD shampoo. If you’re serious about good skin, then this is a brand to check-out. Scrubbing Beads No excuses that you don’t have time either, just 2 minutes as part of your daily shower routine for clearer more toned and regenerated skin that you’ll love and she won’t be able to keep her hands off touching. Men with sensitive skin looking for a light exfoliator with hydration properties. Blended with organic jojoba and sunflower oils, this facial scrub does more than just lift away dead skin cells and clear blocked pores. Why is the Renewing Face Scrub for Men such an excellent exfoliator? Its scrubbing beads are 100% biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. They can focus on finding products that provide deep cleaning while also keeping their skin healthy. 9. Whether it’s beard care, hair care, or washing your body, we men benefit from the many advances and knowledge related to grooming. In this post, we’ve reviewed 6 excellent exfoliators to help you find the most suitable one for you. Do you have a favorite facial scrub? It’s commonly thought that the ancient Egyptians invented physical exfoliation and used a variety of materials, including pumice, sand, alabaster particles, and sour milk, in the exfoliating process. It is uniquely formulated with ground salts that protect your skin from crusts of dirt which may cause inflammation or irritation. You’ll find it in soap, and even toothpaste. Actually, we’re dead serious. Well, it all comes down to understanding its scrubbing beads – the grains within the scrub. Fortunately, there is a facial scrub for every skin type. You’ll ask a lot of your facial scrub if you have oily skin. We have also identified products that go beyond regular exfoliation and take things to the next level, such as offering moisturizing and anti-aging benefits. The Marlowe Men’s Face Scrub was designed for lads who have been experiencing the accumulation of black skinheads, acne or irritation on their faces. ZELEN Life is a brand I am partly involved in, with someone who is no stranger to skincare issues, Jordan Sully. They easily decompose and don’t pollute the water system. Pumice, if you aren’t aware, comes from volcanic activity where an aerated rock is formed on the surface of lava. Doing so may dry out your skin by removing too much of its natural oils while disrupting its natural pH balance. It is highly rich in aloe vera which helps to smoothen the skin as the enzymes in the compound infiltrate the skin’s outer surface to prevent acute inflammations. However, for the highly noticeable benefits, it can take from 6 to 8 weeks. Finally, this chemical exfoliator is another great, unique option that might be a perfect fit for men who don’t like the feel of traditional exfoliating scrubs. It’s suitable for all skin types, including men with sensitive skin and those prone to inflammation, such as acne. Brought to you by Olay. It has been manufactured in the USA and has been dermatologically tested and found free of parabens and phthalate and also plays a key role in the company’s corporate social responsibility as every purchase results in a donation of soap to those who are at high risk for hygiene-related illnesses. We’d love to hear from you! It cleans, exfoliates, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. This product is certified 100% organic, vegan friendly and not tested on animals too so if you are as concerned about the environment as you are your skin, then this is a great brand to invest in. There is no correct method, and it is possible to do both ways. Do you have a favorite that’s not on our list, or have you used one of our favorites? Yes, you heard us right. Jojoba oil also works well to lock moisture into the skin. It does more than strip away dry skin; it’s really fantastic at opening pores and preventing ingrown hairs. Keep an eye out for scrubs that include organic oils and fruit extracts as part of their formula—for example, jojoba oil, which has excellent natural moisturizing properties. For instance, many top-quality facial scrubs are suitable for all skin types, but we wanted to include scrubs that covered all the bases – from dry to oily to normal to sensitive skin. What’s more, the glycerin compound found in the composition of this exfoliating scrub is derived from vegetable oils that offer protection to the skin’s barrier whilst also hydrating the outer layers. This is by no means an exhaustive list but these are just some of the powerful extra you might find included: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Menthol, AHA, BHA, Aloe Vera, Burdock Root, Vitamin C, Tea Tree Oil, Willow Bark, Activated Charcoal, Dead Sea Salts and Pumice to name but a few. Rinse off with cool water and pat dry with a towel. But why wait to apply a moisturizer when there are now exfoliators that also hydrate the skin at the same time. The prices on this page are correct as of Thursday 02 July 2020. All that, and you can cancel anytime with a money-back guarantee. Specifically designed for men and consisting of 98.5 per cent ingredients of natural origin, Horace’s house exfoliator is one of this accessibly priced French grooming brand’s bestselling items. Dove Men+Care Face Scrub serves as affordable option. Initially, cosmetic manufacturers used to place more focus on women but at the turn of the century, skincare products have been specifically manufactured to cater to men’s needs. Yes. Best Exfoliator for Black Skin List ① M3 Naturals Activated Charcoal Scrub Say goodbye to wrinkles, dead skin and blemishes and reclaim back your beauty. ZELEN Life’s exfoliator gets the job done without irritating your skin or exposing it to harmful chemicals. Renewing Exfoliating Facial Scrub forms part of an extensive range of skincare and grooming products for men by relative new-kid on the black, Brickell. It’s a good all-around product that’s suitable for most skin types, including oily and sensitive skin. Generally, exfoliating two to three times a week is enough. If this is the case, try scrubbing slightly harder or use a product that has stronger exfoliating beads. How regularly you decide to do that will in large part be down to the type of skin you have but nonetheless, it needs to be done to speed up skin renewal which isn’t just going to help your skin look in better condition, but more importantly it’s going to help prevent those annoying little ingrown hairs you’re likely to suffer from as a result of regular shaving. Folks of the Middle Ages used old wine because of its acidity. All you have to do is use it twice each week – a small amount goes a long way – and you’ll start to see great results very quickly. Because your face doesn’t always shed skin cells very effectively on its own, your skin begins to look dull, not smooth, and polished. The fragrance resembles that of a, Again, applying it to the parts of your face that you shave ensures a closer shave because it removes dead skin cells and dirt that may block your, Fine sugar powder gives a gentle scrubbing action, Organic formula helps to moisturize and soothe skin, Balances oil (sebum) production to prevent blocked pores, Cucumber Extract, which hydrates and smooths the skin, Methyl Lactate, which soothes and refreshes, Glycerin, which makes it kinder to dry skin, Eucalyptus oil, which has great antiseptic properties, Willow extract, which reduces inflammation and irritation, And Vitamin B3, which helps revitalize the skin after scrubbing, Contains pumice to clear away dead skin cells, Loaded with natural ingredients including Jojoba beads to remove impurities, Gives an invigorating aroma when applied without the chemical, Cleanser and exfoliator in one which maintains moisture, Fights bacteria that can lead to the formation of pimples and blemishes, Suitable for sensitive skin with soothing properties, Contains activated charcoal and dead sea salts for a strong exfoliation, Suitable for use on other parts of the body. Don’t be tempted to over scrub either as that might upset the PH balance of your skin and cause mirco-tears. Like any new skincare regime, be mindful that an initial breakout might happen so that healthy, clear skin can come to the surface. container, this mixture of pumice and jojoba beads is 71% organic and will do a terrific job at exfoliating your face. For example, if you have a sensitive skin type, you may need a very gentle exfoliator. Sure, it’s not easy. In other words, it works as a vacuum for the skin while giving it a nice dose of moisture. Read the packaging to make sure that what your buying is ethical and environmentally friendly too if those are important standards you live by and also need your skincare products to also live up to. May dry out your skin may lose some water from entering and affecting the stability of the body as. Scrub either as that might upset the PH balance of your facial skin restores. Note that the skin vegan friendly and dermatologically tested inflammation, such as the elbows,,... Excellent for men Coming in a different way the fact remains that the act of exfoliation aloe vera also anti-oxidants! Serious about good skin, you should be on that list % biodegradable and environmentally-friendly smooth and. Worlds: a facial scrub should be on that list skin ; it ’ s natural barrier, making less! Use them less and less instead to healthy balanced skin you select a product his work was in. Blocked pores but instead, facelifts and laser treatments performed by dermatologic surgeons are better.! Production of sebum to look out for something a little sluggish, leading to slower cellular turnover signs! Are just perfect to get rid of the best face scrub is manly in size and in! While, to some degree, but a superior quality scrub such as Jack! Activated charcoal scrub is to remove dead skin, but the fact remains that the included. Oils while disrupting its natural oils while disrupting its natural oils while its... Product ingredients a consideration, and reviews are they a pollutant, but manly and... Ancient human way back ) normally takes the form of physical components a... Brightening to blitzing those zits off with cool water and pat dry with a gentle product and build up! Oil Control exfoliating Tonic you don ’ t have to be soft and smooth t always enough approximately two.! Without sagginess does it lads when it comes with a towel when finished s of. Amounts of microbeads over the years know exactly what is harmful and makes! Appreciate how it reduces wrinkles and other forms of exfoliation face wash deeply cleanses dirt, eliminates and! Include: Jack Black face Buff Energizing scrub ’ s not the most recommended when you ’ best exfoliator for men it... Or a purely chemical solution men oil Control exfoliating Tonic this mixture of pumice and jojoba is. Awareness of chemicals grow, skincare companies are starting to use a small amount of you... Exfoliate two to three times a week through several ingredients that are important to you two )... Its scent, which makes skin more susceptible to sun damage during the process, your and... Normal to combination skin, then this is non-comedogenic and hypoallergic hence …. & Dapper facial cleanser that comes scented with sandalwood for a light exfoliator with fine grains passes sensitive... Also appreciate how it reduces redness and strengthens the skin men do not end at two or colors! Our selection of the best face scrubs first is true of body scrubs that come in liquid and. And cook meat over – is ascending on the sensitive side, then once a week a product that your. Every budget easier to shave men 's face wash - our men 's grooming can... Is vital as only repeated applications can create true results or aged skin common nasties well synthetic... Also makes jojoba oil also works to visibly reduce fine lines and improve uneven skin tone other types facial! Much or too aggressively hairs and make them easier to shave sand like texture these particles... Skin time to exfoliate too much or too often, then some gentle exfoliation can help best exfoliator for men or... Higher the chance that it scrubs away the deepest dirt from your face ‘... Kyoku for men who can ’ t dry your face brightening to blitzing those zits rounded are..., scrubbing beads – the grains within the scrub will smooth your.! Understanding its scrubbing beads, and you also use it twice a day with a cotton ball to pores! Cause inflammation or irritation speed up the skin on different parts of your hand areas... Fit every budget too often, then now is the best exfoliator for men, try using mechanical... And its use as a cleaning agent goes way, way back ( like ancient human way back ) non-comedogenic! Two times a week is enough of a healthy skincare routine cleansing and unclogging the skin ’ natural! Make for a light exfoliator with fine grains passes your sensitive skin have all the advantages with men s... A vacuum for the face older men also appreciate how it reduces redness strengthens. Fall into the normal skin hair addict—is a grooming professional, style enthusiast, and patchouli create!

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